Mini Packs | Mixed Grounds


Explore our collection of Coffee Infusions with a perfectly portioned sample. Each pack contains 2oz of fresh Mixed Grounds, to brew hot or cold. Try one for yourself, or share the love and get a dozen– they’re highly giftable.


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Fine organic ingredients, no chemical flavorings or sugars.

All our Infusions feature specialty coffee sourced from women producers.

“…Wait– there’s no sugar in this?!” We get that a lot. Our Coffee Infusions are infused with subtle sweetness from ingredients like raw coconut shreds and cinnamon, and we never add sweeteners. We only use freshly roasted coffee and organic botanicals– and the results are delicious.

Richly flavorful coffee like none other.

Brew our Mixed Grounds however you prefer. We suggest using a French Press (for brewing hot or cold) or immersion cold brewer.
• The result is a fresh, vibrant cup with unique dimensions of complexity and a clean finish. In other words, it’s delicious.
• If doing a pour-over or using a drip machine, please note the additional ingredients will cause a slower flow through the filter.