Single Origin Duo – 3 mo. Gift Subscription


For the coffee enthusiast. This 3 month subscription includes 8 servings each of two Single Origin cold brew offerings– Nicaragua Miraflor and Rwanda Izuba. Each offer something completely different, and are lovely representations of their respective regions. The Nicaragua is smooth and chocolaty at a Medium-Dark roast, and the Rwanda is dynamic and bright at a Medium-Light roast. That’s 16 servings/month of craft cold brew coffee (48 total servings) for one very enthused individual.

If your giftee ever wants to try different cold brews, we’ll be happy to change things up at any time.

Subscription will last 3 months, with a monthly delivery. We’ll also include some bonus swag like stickers, pins, and postcards.

• Freshly Ground • Nitro Sealed •

Brewing options:
Cold Brew Bags: Pre-portioned & compostable. Add water, steep in fridge. Yields a super smooth brew. Learn more.



What’s included:

Nicaragua Miraflor Cold Brew: 8-Servings Pack/month. Medium-Dark Roast. Well-balanced and chocolaty with a smooth finish.
Rwanda Izuba Cold Brew: 8-Servings Pack/month. Medium-Light Roast. Bright notes of cherry and a dark chocolate body.

Additional information


Medium-Dark, Medium-Light


Maraba, Southern Province, Rwanda, Miraflor, Estelí, Nicaragua


Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica

Coffee Process


Sustainable Sourcing

Organically grown, Farmer-Roasted, Farmers paid above Fair Trade price


Vacuum sealed & nitrogen flushed to keep super fresh


Brew Bags are compostable