Seasonal Coffee Club

From: $22.00 / month

Meet the coffee club perfected for the seasonal sipper: when the weather heats up, you reach for a refreshing cold brew, and in the depths of winter, hot coffee warms your spirit. Sound like you? Join our Seasonal Coffee Club and explore a rotation of flavorful coffees and cold brews like none other, delivered monthly. From March through September, we’ll keep you stocked with cold brew, and from October through February, we’ll keep you cozy with our Coffee Infusions. No matter what, all of our remarkably smooth brews are made with clean ingredients and freshly roasted specialty coffee.

As a member, you’ll receive first access to Special Release offerings, in addition to regular perks with your shipments. You can pause, modify, or cancel things at any time. 

Feeling indecisive? Start with a free trial.  

Heads-up: Some of our brews contain raw coconut; leave us a note at checkout if you’d like to keep coconut out of your rotation.


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Explore a world of deliciousness.

Every month we’ll select a unique coffee for your enjoyment.

“…Wait– there’s no sugar in this?!” We get that a lot. Some of our brews are infused with subtle, buttery sweetness from raw coconut shreds, but we never add sugar. We only use freshly roasted specialty coffee and organic raw ingredients– and the results are delicious.

If you discover a favorite brew you want every month, it’s easy to add extra bags to your shipment.

Craft meets convenience, all year long.

• During cold brew season, enjoy the simplicity of our pre-portioned Brew Bags. Add water, steep 12-24hrs, remove, compost.

• When it’s Coffee Infusion season, prepare our Mixed Grounds however you prefer. We find using a French Press works particularly well.

From her farm to your cup.

All of our specialty, shade-grown coffees are sourced exclusively from women & smallholder producers. This creates a positive economic impact for these small, often marginalized, communities. And, we give back 1% of sales towards education at origin, to further promote a more equitable and sustainable future.