Mixed Grounds Club

From: $22.00 / month

Awaken the senses and add something special to your routine with unique coffees that unfold in layers of rich flavor. Join the club and explore a rotation of Coffee Infusions— artisanal coffees mixed with organic botanicals, like raw coconut shreds, Peruvian cacao nibs, and Brazilian Yerba Mate. We never use sugars or anything overwhelming from a pump. Each month you’ll receive a 10oz bag of Mixed Grounds to brew however you prefer– hot or cold. The result? Smooth, clean, harmonious flavor.

As a member, you’ll receive first access to Special Release offerings, in addition to regular perks with your shipments. You can pause, modify, or cancel things at any time. 

Heads-up: Leave us a note at checkout if you’d like your rotation to also include Whole Bean selections.


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Explore a world of deliciousness.

Every month we’ll select a unique coffee for your enjoyment.

“…Wait– there’s no sugar in this?!” We get that a lot. Some of our infusions feature subtle, buttery sweetness from raw coconut shreds, but we never add sugar. We only use freshly roasted specialty coffee and organic raw ingredients– and the results are delicious.

If you discover a favorite coffee you want every month, it’s easy to add extra bags to your shipment.

Richly flavorful coffee like none other.

Waiting in line for a sugary coffee drink is a thing of the past. Brew something special –and clean– at home.

Prepare our Mixed Grounds however you prefer. We suggest using a French Press (for brewing hot or cold) or immersion cold brewer.

If doing a pour-over or using a drip machine, please note the additional ingredients will cause a slower flow through the filter.

From her farm to your cup.

All of our specialty, shade-grown coffees are sourced exclusively from women & smallholder producers. This creates a positive economic impact for these small, often marginalized, communities. And, we give back 1% of sales towards education at origin, to further promote a more equitable and sustainable future.