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Opt for flavor over sugar, with freshly roasted specialty coffees and infusions of organic botanicals, brewed slow and cold. Never bitter. No compromises.

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Keep your routine fresh with a monthly rotation of curated flavors & origins from our growing collection. If you find a new love, you can customize your plan.

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Enjoy 10-17% off our regular pricing. Plus, brewing your own praiseworthy cold brew saves money vs. pricey specialty drinks from cafés or cans.

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This is more than just coffee. I’ve tried just about every cold brew on the market, but this beats them all hands down. I can prep in advance, cleanup is easy, the coffee is smooth and doesn’t give me the jitters, and supports women-owned businesses.

Ada K. (San Francisco, CA)

I’m a subscriber and they do a great job of mixing up the flavor variety. You can really taste the organic ingredients in each and every flavor. They’re all equally delicious. Why wait in line anymore? I love this company’s mission. I highly recommend!

Anthony R. (Chicago, IL)

Good Trip Coffee is like a refreshing hug for your soul. Drinking it first thing in the morning is what drags me out of bed, because I know I will feel like a new person. The flavors are powerful yet not overwhelming and totally natural. I will definitely continue my subscription.

Taylor J. (Chicago, IL)

The only thing better than the great product is the highly personalized service. This cold brew is everything I've been looking for… smooth, robust, aromatic… every pouch is the perfect blend!! Happy to support this company and indulge myself every morning, win-win!

Lisa B. (Denver, CO)

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