Why Good Trip?

Elevated coffee, rooted in good.

We believe coffee can be a vehicle for good.

A company of free-spirits, we've taken an unconventional path to serve a growing community of adventurous coffee-lovers on a journey. Choosing to slow down amidst the chaos of modern life, we embrace the mantra, "Stop and smell the roses"-- in this case, the coffee.

The idea for Good Trip was born on the road in coffee country, inspired by the human story. These roots are strong, and we remain committed to open-minded innovation and to creating a more equitable future for women & smallholder coffee producers.

We make coffee for Sunday morning.

...Literally, and figuratively. Imagine a world where every day starts like Sunday. Easy. Chilled-out. No rush. Good Trip comes from that world.

We think coffee is best when prepped, sipped and savored slowly— taking a moment to experience the journey from where you start to where you land at the end of your cup.

That’s why we made Good Trip: each cup is a moment for connection, with slowly-brewed, clean flavor that cuts through the clutter and leaves you in a good place. 

Less is more, and freshness reigns.

Like you, we appreciate thoughtful products, choosing quality over consumption. Slowly-brewed cold brew is smoother, less acidic, and sweeter than hot brewed coffee. It's also best prepared fresh, and we do everything possible to ensure the freshest experience. 

Vibrant and richly flavorful, our specialty-grade coffees are produced by women, freshly roasted, coarsely ground, nitro-flushed and packaged (beautifully) for simplicity. We take our craft seriously, so you can take it easy.

Good Trip delivers the most refreshing cold brew I’ve ever had to my door each month. I drink this coffee when I want to treat myself and be in the zone working from home, and I’ve sent as gifts to many friends. Highly recommend.

David M. (Denver, CO)

This is more than just coffee. I’ve tried just about every cold brew on the market– this beats them all hands down. I can prep in advance, the coffee is smooth & doesn’t give me jitters, and supports women-owned businesses.

Ada K. (San Francisco, CA)

Why source from women?

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Why homemade cold brew?

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Why infusions?

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Born on the road

A spirit of adventure and an appreciation for simplicity is baked into our DNA-- the idea for Good Trip was born during a life-changing year traveling three continents on a shoestring.

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