About Us


We’re the husband-and-wife team behind Good Trip, Andrew and Angela. After a year spent on the road, we landed in Colorado and started Good Trip Coffee to inspire discovery, positivity and community through dynamic products that capture a taste of new experience and exploration. With clean ingredients and no added sugars, sweeteners, chemical flavorings or dairy, our vibrant brews rely on only the highest quality specialty coffees and organic botanicals. Our hope is that every cup of our coffee leaves you in a good place.

Beyond the brew, we’re committed to sharing the human story behind coffee and promoting more equitable and sustainable communities, sourcing from women and smallholders exclusively, and contributing 1% of all sales towards education at origin. It was our experience in coffee country that inspired us to start Good Trip in the first place, and those ties will always remain at our core.

Our Story

This is how an idea born while living along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua turned into a coffee company.

The trip of a lifetime.

In 2015 we packed-up our life and set out to travel on a shoestring and write a new chapter.

Over the course of nine months, we travelled through Africa, Europe, and made our way to the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. We started buying green coffee from local markets and roasting it on the stove. For two coffee-lovers, it was a dream come true, and ignited a deep interest in learning more about coffee from the source.

Into coffee country.

After months tinkering in our coastal kitchen, we took a trip through Nicaragua’s coffee-producing regions of Esteli, Jinotega, Matagalpa, and Nueva Segovia, meeting with producers, cooperatives, buyers, and exporters. It was an eye-opening experience that solidified our desire to enter the industry.

Equipped with new perspectives and sourcing relationships, we returned to the US and got busy.

Good Trip sets forth.

Fast-forward six months and on October 11, 2016, Good Trip Coffee was born. Two months later, we opened our website and launched our first product line of artisan cold brews, all featuring original artwork by Denver artists Josh Holland and Shannon Bonatakis. By spring 2017, we were selling at local markets & events. In fall 2017, we expanded our offerings beyond cold brew and began championing Coffee Infusions. And today, the journey continues. We’re proud of our products, our values, and our commitment to partnering with communities of women producers¬†& smallholders– they inspired us to start this company in the first place.

Thank you for joining us.

Buen viaje,

Angela & Andrew

Coffee producers are the most important link in the chain from seed to cup. Our hope is to bring you closer to these communities, to learn about their craft, and to experience the passion that surrounds their coffees.