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How it Works

We create vibrant, clean, richly flavorful coffees.

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Every month we deliver to your door.

You select your preferences, from cold brew to grounds, ….Something unique, curated each month…

You brew and enjoy smooth, fresh, unique coffee …

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“Best cold brew!”

“Good Trip delivers the most refreshing cold brew I’ve ever had to my door each month. I drink this coffee when I want to treat myself and be in the zone when working from home. Highly recommend and have sent as gifts to many friends.”

-David M. (Denver, CO)

Our Coffee.

Clean, vibrant, and richly flavorful, every coffee is intended to leave the drinker in a positive state of mind.

Our Ethos.

We got our start in coffee country, and we’re committed to sourcing from women & smallholders exclusively, while giving 1% towards education at origin.

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