Cold brewing
made easy.

Using our Brew Bags takes a minute of prep (and a night in the fridge).

Check out this snazzy video, or follow the instructions on our packaging.

What you’ll need:
  Wide-mouth container    Fresh water    Fridge/Cooler

Add Brew Bags and water

Brewing Ratio: 1 Brew Bag + 1 Cup Water. So, to make 5 servings (40oz), use 5 Brew Bags.

Brew in fridge or cooler 12-24 hrs

Cover & let steep. Longer = stronger. Gently remove Brew Bags. Compost or Discard.

Top off with cold water

Add ~1oz per Brew Bag, or to taste, to yield a full batch of 8oz servings.

Serve and enjoy the ride

Enjoy over ice, black, with your favorite milk, or however you please.

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