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Mint, chocolate, and coffee? Yes, please. Like floating down a mountain stream, YERBA MINT FLOW is a delightfully refreshing and uplifting ride. Nicaraguan coffee hand-mixed with organic Criollo cacao, peppermint leaf and Yerba Mate creates an herbaceous and chocolaty brew that’s both eye-opening and mind-opening.

Each package contains four Coffee Packs, which make a week's worth (seven 8oz servings) of cold brew in 1 minute (and a night in the fridge).

Vegan | Non-GMO | Gluten-free | No Sweeteners | Keto-friendly

INGREDIENTS: Coffee*, Cacao nibs*, Peppermint leaf*, Yerba Mate*, Cocoa powder*, roasted Carob*, Vanilla beans*. *Organic.

We got you.

New to Good Trip? Well, if you don't love your first bag of our coffee, it's on us. All good. 
If you simply want to make a return or exchange, we are happy to accept unopened products purchased within the last 45 days.

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Stay cool and focused with mint + cacao.

Hold the sugar.

Cold brew coffee ratio - Good Trip

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