Recap: The Big Wonderful

It seems like we just wrapped our first BigWonderful event in May-- hard to believe it's already July and we're at it again. This time the event was held at The Stanley Marketplace, a killer venue for a day of music, food, drinks, handcrafted goods, and of course.... refreshing cold brew provided by Good Trip Coffee.

Our first BigWonderful in May was our first event EVER, and it will definitely go down in Good Trip history as being a wild experience... we had borrowed a tent, which blew away twice as wicked Colorado winds swept through, and we got soaked by rain during an epic storm on day 2... But the event was so much fun, we became friends with neighboring vendors, sold a lot of cold brew, and picked-up some loyal customers. All said, it was a success, and when it was time to register for July, there was no doubt-- we gotta do it again!

What a difference a few months makes. Equipped with our own tent (and importantly-- weights to hold it down), and the experience of several events now under our belts, we headed into this month's BigWonderful with confidence. And lucky us-- we got hooked up with a prime indoor spot right by the entrance, an earshot from the chill live tunes playing outside, and well positioned to serve-up fresh pours of cold brew all day. Although a totally different dynamic from May, it proved to be another big success...! For all those who came out, thank you for making it another awesome event.

Depending on how life unfolds once our baby arrives in August, we'll likely be at The BigWonderful Oktobergrass, Sep 30 + Oct 1... Stay tuned for more info!

big wonderful at stanley marketplace booth setup andrew standing behind good trip coffee booth at big wonderful

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