Raise a Brew to Fair Trade Month

Nestled in the mountains of Nicaragua, amongst the lush cloud forest of the Miraflor nature preserve, is the small community of Sontule. This community cultivates innovation and pride in a hard day’s work — as well as some of the most delicious organic coffee that will ever swim past your taste buds.

nuevo amanecer coffee cooperative sign in miraflor nicaragua

In Nicaragua, the traditional mindset of many rural communities often does not encourage women to earn an independent income. This old-school cultural mindset has prevented many women of coffee producing communities from gaining independence and empowerment.

The women of Sontule were not satisfied with being marginalized. Thirty women in the community teamed up to form a female-led coffee cooperative, named “Nuevo Amanecer,” or “New Dawn.” They work together to produce premium organic coffee — despite the odds stacked against a female-led organization.  

These women work to produce the highest quality coffee possible, and they’ve found that getting creative is often the key to their success. They've diversified their plots to include other agriculture goods, and manage an eco-tourist homestay program, hosting travelers throughout the year. Most coffee farmers who harvest coffee for export typically export green coffee, to be roasted elsewhere. But the women of New Dawn Women’s Coffee Cooperative weren’t satisfied with this solution. After all their hard work, they were sending their crop off for someone else to finish the process of getting to the end user. What if the same high standards weren't maintained?

Their solution? Roast the beans themselves as farmer-roasters for Vega Coffee, who ships directly to customers (like Good Trip) within days of being freshly roasted. This required learning a new skill, but the farmer-roasters now earn more by participating in more of the supply chain, and are certain their product lives up to their high standards.

Vega pays New Dawn above Fair Trade prices for their coffees, in addition to offering training and development opportunities for the farmer-roasters. This type of direct relationship and investment ensures transparency from crop to cup, and makes the cultivation of coffee more sustainable for communities like Sontule.

When our team met the women from New Dawn and told them we were with Good Trip, one woman’s face lit up. “Every time we send off your coffee, we place the sticker on the box and say, ‘¡Buen viaje!’ or ‘Have a good trip!’ We think it’s such a fun name.”

When we receive their coffees, we feel the pride they take in caring for their crop from start to finish. Their hard work is on full display in our Nicaragua Miraflor Single Origin coffee, and combined with 100% raw, organic ingredients in our Infusion coffees. Then we send them on the last leg of their journey to arrive at your doorstep.

When you drink Good Trip Coffee, you know exactly where our coffee originated, and you know you helped cultivate innovation and equality-- beyond Fair Trade-- along the way.  Now isn’t that refreshing?

Learn more by watching our video.

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