Our home brew go-to’s

A good cup is a combination of two things: good coffee and a good way to brew it.

There's a huge spectrum of brewing equipment out there, from bare-bones-basic to seriously complex. We intentionally make our coffees simple to prepare-- we've come to really value keeping our kitchen streamlined, maximizing convenience without sacrificing quality. After a little trial and error, we’ve found consistent success with a few basic brewing tools that we use in our home kitchen every single day. We thought you might find them handy, too.

For steeping brew bags overnight in the fridge, you need a good pitcher. We like the Bormioli Rocco Hermatic Seal Glass Pitcher. Made of Italian glass, its got a robust feel and holds over 2 quarts which is perfect for brewing a larger batch. The airtight lid helps keep your brew fresh and locks out other stuff happening in the fridge. The wide mouth makes it easy to remove the brew bags once your batch is done brewing (we find that avoiding small necks helps prevent tearing). Plus its got a sturdy handle and a shape that’s great for fridge tetris.

When craving a hot cup, we consistently turn to our French Press. It works particularly well with coffee infusions, it’s super simple to use, and it delivers a cup with nice body and rich flavor.

First, you’ll need a reliable kettle. The Bonavita 1L Electric Kettle is a solid choice. The classic gooseneck design is an aesthetical bonus for your kitchen, and it heats up water super fast — saving time and making the process really easy. This kettle is widely used in the coffee industry, and has never let us down. Plus it's affordable, which we certainly appreciate.

Once your water is hot (~200-205°F), we can’t deny the allure of the classic Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press. Our trusty Bodum delivers every time, and looks classy while doing it. There’s a reason the Bodum is a go-to piece of equipment for coffee lovers. Their French Press is well designed, durable, and simple to take apart and clean.

Another bonus with the French Press is that it also works well for cold brewing our coffee infusions. Pour in cold water instead of hot and let things steep for 12-24 hours in the fridge before pressing.

Do you have other coffee accoutrements you love? Share with us!

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