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Adventures in coffee.

Who we are

Makers of indulgent coffees with an adventurous spirit, we’re also believers in showcasing the human story behind each cup. We like to spread good vibes and never take ourselves too seriously.

Our beans are sustainably-sourced, and all of our ingredients are raw. We’re au naturel, baby.

Each brew, a Trip.


Nicaragua Miraflor

Shade-grown in a natural reserve among orchids, birds, and cool morning air, this coffee comes straight from the rich volcanic soils...

Rwanda Izuba

In Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda, Izuba means "Sun". With bright notes of cherry and a dark chocolate body, this extraordinary...

Beach Bum Blondie

You're laying in a beachside hammock, the sweet smell of coconut is in the air, palm leaves are rustling in...

Darjeeling Chai

Behold the Dirty Chai Cold Brew. At once familiar and exotic, it's both smooth and spicy, stays true to coffee but with some...

Mayan Cocoa

Legend has it, when cocoa is mixed with warm spices, *magical stuff* happens. The legends are true, and this spiced-up chocolaty...

Mint Melt-Away

Mint, mate, cocoa, and coffee? Yes, yes, yes, and definitely yes. One of our favorites, this herbaceous brew is a...

Mile High Pumpkin Pie

Head in the clouds? This slice of paradise is the pinnacle of all pumpkin-spiced-cold-brews in the *entire world*.

Dragonfly Decaf

Our Dragonfly Decaf is a rotating cold brew coffee, selected from the best water-process decaf coffees from around the world....

Rooibos Chai Decaf

Behold the Decaf Dirty Chai Cold Brew. If you're seeking a decaf alternative to the signature cafe-inspired drink, look no...

Honest flavor

Our Coffee Infusions are hand-mixed with raw ingredients– we’re talking real stuff, not flavorings or sweeteners from a spray or pump. We think you’ll appreciate that raw coconut tastes a lot different than “coconut flavoring”.  

Make it a ritual

We deliver on your schedule, so that you’re never without your beloved brew.

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Why we’re here

When coffee comes from a good place, each sip takes you somewhere good. Meet the badass women who produce our coffees.

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