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How Your Subscription Works

We create clean, flavorful coffee like none other.

Every brew features the finest organic raw ingredients– nothing from a pump.

Each coffee is packaged for freshness & simplicity.

Our Brew Bags and Mixed Grounds minimize equipment yet produce rich results.

Every month a new variety is delivered to your door.

Explore a rotation of delicious artisan coffees, or select your favorites à la carte.

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Our Ethos.

The idea for Good Trip was born while on the road in coffee country. We bring a spirit of adventure to our coffees, and remain committed to doing right by producers while giving 1% to fund education.

A new coffee experience.

Vibrant, smooth and richly flavorful, our brews are made with the finest raw ingredients and leave the drinker in a positive state of mind.

Artisan cold brew, simplified.

Making fresh cold brew is easy with our pre-portioned Brew Bags. No special equipment needed, just 30 seconds of prep and a night in the fridge.

“Good Trip delivers the most refreshing cold brew I’ve ever had to my door each month. I drink this coffee when I want to treat myself and be in the zone working from home, and I’ve sent as gifts to many friends.”

-David M. (Denver, CO)

“This is more than just coffee. I’ve tried about every cold brew on the market, but this beats them all hands down. I can prep in advance, there’s no guesswork, the coffee is really smooth and doesn’t give me the jitters.”

-Ada K. (San Francisco, CA)

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