A vacation from
the daily grind.

Indulgent flavor. Botanical benefits.
Brewed cold for a smooth ride, sans sugar.

How Your Subscription Works

We create vibrant coffee for an equitable future.

Our brews feature women-produced coffees + give back to fund education at origin.

Every month a new variety is delivered to your door.

Explore a curated rotation of artisanal coffees, or select your favorites à la carte.

Enjoy an uplifting coffee experience, brewed fresh.

Sip, savor, repeat. With flavor from botanicals, not sugar, there’s no crash or compromise.

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Reclaim your coffee break.

Coffee is a vehicle for discovery, positivity and community; it’s a way of travel, and every cup should leave you in a good place. So, let’s treat your coffee like you treat your travel— adventurous, authentic and enjoyed without rush.

Indulge in flavor powered by botanicals.

Elevate your routine with crafted coffee that defies convention. Our hand-mixed infusions feature select organic botanicals like buttery coconut, antioxidant-rich cacao and inflammation-fighting spices. Free of the sweeteners found in most coffee drinks, our brews not only taste better, they feel better.

Keep it simple.

Making praiseworthy cold brew is easy with our pre-portioned Brew Bags; no special equipment needed, just 30 seconds of prep and a night in the fridge. Already have a favorite way to brew? Our Mixed Grounds can be brewed however you please.

“Good Trip delivers the most refreshing cold brew I’ve ever had to my door each month. I drink this coffee when I want to treat myself and be in the zone working from home, and I’ve sent as gifts to many friends.”

-David M. (Denver, CO)

“This is more than just coffee. I’ve tried just about every cold brew on the market– this beats them all. I can prep in advance, the coffee is smooth & doesn’t give me jitters, and supports women-owned businesses.”

-Ada K. (San Francisco, CA)

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