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An antidote to
bitter coffee.

Escape the daily grind with luxe cold brew
made in 1 minute (and a night in the fridge).

Upgrade your pick-me-up.

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Fresh cold brew coffee at home has never been easier.

Word on the street:

Good Trip's range of ready-to-steep pouches boast interesting infusions and make cold brew accessible to all kinds of coffee drinkers, not just aficionados.

It will be difficult to make cold brew at home any easier than this. Good Trip is currently as close to being in a class of its own as it gets.

Colorado Coffees Worth Taking Home. Try the Yerba Mint Flow. Good Trip specializes in incredible cold brews that go beyond your traditional iced coffees.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee, and beyond.

Be a force for good and help make the future of coffee more equitable and viable. We source exclusively from women & smallholders paid much higher than fair trade, and give 1% of sales to fund education at origin.

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